Over a period of time we see that ration of divorce has increased like anything, in some country it has mounted to 30%. In other countries where divorce is not advisable ethically there we see incidents of house break, quarrels and unhappiness in the life. Normally, man and woman meet each other; know each other and then they enter in the boundary of marriage. Their adjustments towards each other fails and these results in divorce. In advanced country where financial problems are less, percentage of educated people are high, one can expect that divorce in such country should be less but to our surprise picture is actually reverse.

Divorce problem solution is thus the answer required by everybody. In the condition like this there are the astrologers who keenly look and try resolving the issue between the couple and try avoiding divorce. Basically the key is that there is a clash in personality both should try to keep other happy and according to the situation should make adjustment in life. And if they are not ready for that type of adjustment ten the breakup is most likely to happen. So to avoid the clash they should respect each other’s identity.