If Marital problems are not resolved or eliminated timely and perfectly, then, these problems may mar the whole married life and domesticity. All those problems, troubles, and problematic cases related with married life and domesticity, come under the gamut of these problems. This particular webpage offers very useful and marvelous information regarding the varieties of relationship problems between husband and wife, and swift and superb astrology solutions to these all sorts of problems and cases. So far, our prestigious and worldwide reputed astrologer M K Shastri of Chandigarh (Punjab, India) has solved numerous such problems with excellent and commendable results, and thus has helped people residing in cities all across India and the whole world. The varieties of problems solved by him are mentioned separately in the section below, along with the types of solutions available.

In connection with compatibility and relationship between husband and wife, the most influential house of the birth chart of a person/spouse is the Seventh house. Locations, statuses, and good and bad influences of various planets are also creditable for harmonious or tumultuous relationship between married couple. Comprehensive analysis of these all astrological elements is maturely performed by our sophisticated astrologer to solve marital troubles and spoiling cases.

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Marital Problems and Solutions by Astrology

In order to provide the best possible and certain marital problems and solution by astrology, highly discerning and globally eminent astrologer M K Shastri Ji takes into account the following things —- status of the seventh and other significant houses of the birth chart; location, nature, and strength of Venus, and the lord of seventh house in the natal chart; location, strengths, and weaknesses of benefic planets like Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, etc.; influences of malevolent and benevolent planets on this seventh house, both under the stationary and transit conditions; the degree of negative and unfavorable influences of malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, etc. on the seventh house, and on overall birth chart; and effects of any harmful astrology yoga, like the Kaal Sarpa Yoga, or Mangal Dosha. The problems and disputes related with married life and relationship between spouses, which can adroitly be tackled by our adept astrologer, come under the following broad varieties :

  • Decreasing allure and love between husband and wife
  • Misunderstandings, discrepancies, and discord between spouses
  • Constantly increasing chances of separation or divorce
  • Extramarital affairs of husband or wife
  • Lack of satisfying compatibility and intimacy between husband and wife
  • Problematic interference of near relatives and families in one’s domesticity
  • Reducing trust and confidence in the other partner
  • Marital problems and instability caused by financial difficulties or fluctuations
  • Disturbed domesticity caused by slack business or profession
  • And, many other problems related with married life and cozy domesticity

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